Peter Swaddle April Exhibition 2019

There was quite a crowd gathered of about 25 to 30 people, when I arrived at peter Swaddle’s exhibition, “Love and Other Strange Feelings” at the One Art’s Gallery.

Sales of the artwork were in progress, both the prints and originals works were being snapped up; currently there has been nine sales and a few views on the website as well.

Peter was moving about the room discussing many of the individual works while drinks and nibbles were being enjoyed by the gathered guests.

I noticed a bowl with lots of small pieces of paper in it, so curiously I went to see; the bowl had a note vote for your favourite piece of artwork:  John Lennon is my hero – so the artwork ” A Dog wearing John Lennon glasses in fluoro yellow and textured blue background of course got my vote.

This event is on until 30 April 2019, so you still have time to purchase your favourite original artwork or print.

Peter has been rewarded for the effort he put into marketing his opening night, alongside with One Arts Gallery; a huge success with great initial sales. en0 \lsdun

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