Become a  member – $50 per  year. 

Annual memberships are from the 1 July to 30 June of the following year.


      • Option to Exhibit
      • Artist in Residence Work
      • Free 1 Hour use of  Workshop facility
      • Newsletters
      • Upcoming exhibition notifications
      • Free Consultation 30 min, one on one with our director Carol.
  • Artist In Residence Program 

Exhibit your artwork at One Arts Gallery for an entire month, subject to availability.  Exhibiting your work  is optional, but as a VIP member you are given priority. 

We can assist you with marketing materials and advertising.  We assemble the exhibition on your behalf and provide labelling of artworks and much more.   On completion we disassemble your exhibition, ready for you to pick up any unsold works.   

For more information  please request our   Artist in Residence Program/ Exhibition Application.

  • Consultation

Have a complimentary consultation with Carol who has a wealth of knowledge on the arts community.  Your session is tailored specifically to your needs, it may consist of anything from how to market your art; packaging;  display; or working out what is your best selling art items.  Carol can  also offer assistance with applying for grants, which are renown for being a little difficult to navigate.   You may book Carol  for 30 min sessions face to face, or even by phone. 

  • Newsletters and Blogs

The One Art weekly newsletter will  provide you with useful tricks and tips for success in the art world.   On our website our quarterly blog will keep you informed on what’s happening in the art world, in and around town.  Your contributions and feedback are most welcome.  What’s your favourite art tip?

  • Upcoming Exhibition Notifications

VIP Members will be notified first of up and coming events.

  • Workshop Facility –  1 hour free

Our new workshop can comfortably seat 10 to 15 people at trestle tables; and can easily be adapted to your needs.  Classes and workshops can be on any topic, so if you have considered teaching a class – on just about anything why not use your complimentary 1 hour as a trial session and see how the journey unfolds.  Subject to availability you may hire the workshop for a hour, a day, a week, or month to suit your schedule.  Fees are very reasonable, just contact contact Carol or any of of friendly volunteers.

  • Community Arts Projects

One Arts Gold Coast is often contacted by the community  when an artist is needed for a community project.  We send a call out to our  VIP members to request expressions of interest to fulfil these roles.  These projects provide wonderful opportunities  for artists  and they are not restricted to local  areas,  so who knows which exciting place you may get posted to.  

  • Website

VIP members can submit  up to 5 artwork photographs to our website; however, exhibitors can submit up to 20 artworks on the website.  It is important for artists today to have some type of online presence.  But we take all the hard work out  and financial barriers away  for you.    Get out your phone or camera and start photographing your work!

There are many benefits in becoming a member including the opportunity to showcase your work!! 

We look forward to meeting you.